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Lucy becomes the youngest American woman to climb Mt Everest

May 11, 2022 1735

KATHMANDU: Lucy Westlake from Naperville, USA has become the youngest American woman to climb Mt Everest.

The 18-year-old reached the top of the world’s highest peak on Wednesday morning.

Mingma Chhiring, who accompanied Lucy, climbed Everest for the 17th time.

Both Lucy and Mingma are climbing down to Camp II.

She is also the youngest female to climb all 50 US state highpoints.

Lucy has been climbing mountains since she could walk, and has a deep love for the outdoors and pushing her physical and mental limits to new heights.

She began her high-pointing adventure — climbing to the top of every state’s highest mountain — at the age of seven when she and her family visited Black Mountain in Kentucky.

Lucy has been a WaterStep ambassador since climbing Kilimanjaro in January 2017.

On that trip, she installed a WaterStep system in a rural village in Uganda that now supplies 3000 people a day with safe drinking water.

Lucy is dedicated to impacting our world’s water crisis by helping to bring safe water to the 748 million people living without it.

She has also been running on cross country and track teams since elementary school. She is a true endurance athlete – the longer the distance the better.

Her goal is to run cross country and track (5000m/10,000m) in college, then eventually the marathon.