Saturday, May 28

Dissatisfied leaders of the Biplav group formed a new party

May 11, 2022 2399

KATHMANDU: The CPN (Majority) Party has been formed by dissidents of the Communist Party of Nepal.

They announced the formation of the CPN (Majority) Party at a press conference in Kathmandu on Monday, stating that the CPN (Maoist) General Secretary Netra Bikram Chand’s group was about to fall into parliamentarism.

Dissatisfied Dharmendra Bastola has been appointed as the new party’s coordinator. Bastola, the majority coordinator of the CPN (Maoist), stated that the party was forced to reject the conspiracy to trap the party in the parliamentary system and that the CPN (majority) was formed.

He stated that he had reached the conclusion of forming a new party by continuing the goal of completing the democratic revolution after being tempted by the UML to carry the election symbol in the election.

According to Bastola, the ideological and organizational majority was in his favor, and the party’s main line of action was to carry out a scientific socialist revolution.

Previously, CPN (Maoist) dissidents held a national meeting in Chitwan under the coordination of Bastola to express their dissatisfaction with the party leadership. The meeting, according to Bastola, reorganized the party under the name CPN (Majority).